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Nylon 12 (PA12)


Typical of PA12 which melts at 175 – 180°C are the outstanding mechanical properties, its low moisture absorption, good dimensional stability and superior flexibility. As well as its excellent weathering properties it has very good chemical and abrasion resistance.


  • High impact strength

  • Good weathering resistance

  • Good resistance to chemicals

  • Excellent abrasion and surface slip characteristics

  • Minimum water uptake and good dimensional stability

  • Low specific density

  • Excellent impact strength at low temperatures

  • Good barrier properties

PA12 is the polyamide with the lowest water absorption and the lightest polyamide available commercially.

PA12 is particularly well suited for processing using injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding processes.

Typical application areas for PA12 are the fields of automotive, electric and electronic, packaging, leisure, sport and mechanical engineering. Nylon 12 is also used in offshore umbilical gas and oil pipeline construction.

The high quality basic properties of PA12 are determined by the chemical structure of polyamide 12. Through the addition of additives, fillers, fibres and processing aids Badamid can also suit exceptional market requirements.

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